The first painted Sisters – finally…

It is finally done, I painted my first squad of Battle Sisters. It shouldn’t be worth mentioning, but hey, it took me so long, I’m just happy x’D

First Battle Sister Squad painted
First Step tp a new Era

What I really like, is that the new models work pretty well with my paint-scheme and the converted models I built the last years. So now I’m thinking about re-working them a little bit, so that older Battle Sisters will be overhauled to Celestians. It would mean bulkier Armour for both Celestians and Dominions and prevent a “conflict” between old and new models.

Old vs. New
Old and new Battle Sisters

Painting these models was really cool, eventhough it is a pretty bad combination with my current hobby-timeframe (which is near 0). As seen in all the pictures from GW and other hobbyists out there, the details that these Miniatures bring on the table is amazing. There is not one Sister without at least 1 or 2 gimmicks, like different grenades, pistols and small bags. And they all come with some sort of rosaries and chains and lots of inquisitorial icons and Fleur de Lys.


Games Workshop did a great job designing these miniatures and I can’t wait to get my hands on other new models, especially the new Vehicles!!

What about you guys? Have you already picked up some new Sisters and painted them? What are your experiences so far?

Let me know and my the Emperor protect you!

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