Blood Angels Inceptor Captain

Near everyone playing Warhammer 40k has heard of the legendary Slam Captains of the Blood Angels (well, and other chapters too) but today we look at a new HQ unit that might find a regular spot in assault-focussed armies like the sons of Sanguinius.

Beware the mighty Inceptor Captain!


Datasheet for Blood Angels Inceptor Captains

Point value: 142 points, 1 model per unit

Battlefield role

Equipped with the massive jumppacks of the Inceptor squads, these Captains close the gap between regular Marines and Primaris. Just like the Captain in Gravis armour, there are no wargear options available, but that is up to you for these are houserules anyway.

As it is obvious, this is no Primaris replacement of the legendary Slam Captains, but a first alternative for a fast moving close combat leader – something the Primaris line seems heavily missing. The Assault bolter is a great weapon for ranged support and the relic sword a great alternative for a Thunderhammer (fullfilling a different battlefield role).

With toughness 5, 6 wounds and the typical 4+ invulnerable save, the Inceptor captain is also a pretty resilient foe and will definitely have an impact in battles.


I think it’s rather simple to build your own Inceptor Captain. I just used a regular Inceptor Marine and replaced one of the arms with parts from my Allerus Custodians and an old sword from Grey Knight Terminators (if I remember correctly). But all parts that roughly fit the Primaris size will work.

After that, it is just a matter of decoration like with the additioanl wings in my example. I have to admit that I was a bit lazy while painting the model >.<

What do you guys think? Is the Inceptor Captain a viable choice? Let me know your thoughts and even more important, let me know if you gave it a try!

May the Emperor protect you.

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