Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog entry. So what is this all about anyway?

Throughout the years, I was a more or less passionate fan of Warhammer 40k and all its background. I started playing when the 3rd Edition came out and absolutely fell in love with the Blood Angels, fielding them ever since. Unfortunately, the times of actually playing where pretty short and it was more about reading the Horus Heresy Books and lots of Blogs and watching Lore-Videos on YouTube. When 5th Edition came out, I restarted playing, collected a small force of Grey Knights, some Tyranids and whatever models I liked and could afford – for that is also one of the main reasons I’m playing Tabletop Games, collecting, painting and most of all building and converting models.

But where are the sisters now you might ask. Well, since I put my eyes on the first books of the 2nd Edition – which some of my friends played back then – I felt a growing affection for these wonderful, faithful maidens of the Imperium of Man. But two simple facts always hindered me from building my own army – the price and the metal models.

Old but gold? The Sisters Lineup from 2nd Edition.

Years passed, new Editions of 40k were released and rumours about a new Lineup for the Sisters of Battle came and went … again and again. Leaving me ever more disappointed behind.

Nowadays, with the release of the 8th edition, (brilliant marketing from Games Workshop) and finally a developing Story, I’m more passionate about playing 40k than long before. And this brings me back to the Sisters and their current status.

I have to admit, I totally fell for the rumours about Sisters being the first codex of 2018. Don’t ask me why, I should have known better … anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about finally having an army of Sisters to call my own. And if Games Workshop wouldn’t help me with that, I would do it on my own.

The Sisters of Saint Nora – My first attempt and proof of style.

And that’s where this journey begins. A story of building my own army of the Adeptus Sororitas. (The Sisters of Saint Nora) With converted models, an own Order and lots of house-made rules and stories written on the way.

Some things I’d like to mention anyway.

  1. I write this blog at the very beginning of my new Adeptus Sororitas Army. Therefor, many personal pictures are missing yet (just like the models), but step by step, I will add new ones and show my personal progress. So I’m very sorry if you miss this while reading.
  2. The different articles will build on each other and especially in the early days, you might want more information about certain topics, that will be delivered later. I know this can be annoying, but I beg for your patience.
  3. This is my first full attempt to set up an own blog and I’m pretty sure there is a steep learning curve ahead, but I’ll do my best and hope for a lot of constructive feedback!
  4. I’m from Germany and so english is not my native language. I still chose this language to reach more people and to get better. So once again, I’ll do my best and hope for a lot of constructive Feedback!

And last but not least, here’s the main reason for writing this blog and making the decisions above.

I’m pretty lazy sometimes … when I have a new idea / project / whatsoever, I’m totally over-motivated, but after a while, it turns to the opposite. Not because I don’t like the idea anymore, but, well, I don’t even know.

By setting up this blog, I hope to get me constantly pushed. By sharing my ideas and my progression, I hope to stay focused and perhaps I even get some nice feedback from you guys, that motivates me even more.

Let’s see what the future holds and now have fun!

May the Emperor be with you.

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