Battle Sisters ready to fight – and my painted army so far

While not that exciting for most of you, a big milestone for me. I finally painted all 30 of my Battle Sisters and the 5 new Retributors as well. And that leads me to a rather huge amount of painted models … (at least for me, after a lot of whining ^^)

Anyway, next up are several converted units like a Dialogus and Hospitaller, as well as a new special character based on an old Dreadnought!

My new Battle Sisters of the Order of Saint Nora

A closer look at their Superiors, mixed from Battle Sisters and Retributors

And last but not least, the painted Sisters so far … also including one of our Imperial Cats!

I decided to use my old and converted Battle Sisters as Celestians. Their bulky armour fits nicely I think. Same for the 10 Dominions and the Seraphim, while I gave those Seraphim from the army box some old power swords and will use them as Zephyrim. So the different armour types are less of an issue.

Well, that’s it. So much more to be painted, buy I think every step is a success. And now that the 9th Edition is announced and Sisters might play an important part in the future, I got quite motivated. Hopefully for some longer time.

Cheers and may the Emperor protect you!

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