Old vs. New II – Dialogus and Hospitaller Conversion

Back with new models and this time some “new” conversions. Well, to be honest I built one the Hospitallers more than a year ago and the second model is actually a new one, but hey … let’s take a look!

First up are two Hospitallers, now ready to join my army. A new model and an old conversion. It is mostly based on my Battle Sisters conversions from some years ago, but got a new base with Dove and is upgraded with some sort of bone saw and some tech-stuff. I painted both models in a similar fashion – mostly red with white shoulder guards, to give them a more unique look and I think it fits the “medic” theme.

Next up, we have my very own attempt on a converted Dialogus and this one is … a little strange I guess 🙂 It is as well based on my older Battle Sister conversions, using the body of the Dreamforge Valkir Heavy Troopers, but a few things are replaced with new Sisters of Battle parts.

The helmet is from the new Exorcist kit and is weird enough to pay a certain tribute to the old Dialogus model. The arms are from the new Battle Sisters, while the Dialogus rod is from a Grey Knight with a Stormcast Eternal head I didn’t need anymore.

The key part though, is definitely the Laud Hailer. It is build from an old headphone, carried by an Incensor Cherub and connected with the cables of a Multi-Melta … obviously pimped with some purity seals and an old tabard. A book at his site, some antenna on the new backpack and you’re ready to go!

And these are my 3 new Elite units, ready to support their old and new Sisters of Battle. Hope you like the ideas and maybe get some inspiration for your own conversions! If so, please share some pics some day 😉

May the Emperor protect you.

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