Conversions | Seraphim, Imagifier & Hospitaller: Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to another conversion-entry. It’s been quite a while since I last showed some progress, so I decided to give a little preview for my next conversions. It took several weeks for some parts to arrive and now I realized, that my base-primer is empty … so yeah, will take some more days to start painting what I’m showing today.

As usual, all conversion so far, are based on the Eisenkern Valkir Troops. For more information, see the first conversion here.

Plastic Seraphim

Thinking about Seraphim, I had two goals in mind. First of all, they need jump packs – that’s a no-brainer. Secondly, they needed some dynamic poses, which is not so easy with the Eisenkern Valkir models. Let’s see how it worked out so far.

Three Seraphim, ready to descend from the skies.


After a couple of days searching for the right jumppacks, I found some wonderful bits from They look like wings and fit the style of my sisters pretty well.

Steam Wing-Pack from Puppetswar

They come at a price of 8€ for 5 wings and since they replace the backpacks of my normal Battle Sisters, a Seraphim costs roughly 5,50€ per model. Compare that to the current prices for metal Seraphim … (8,50€ per model)

So overall I’m pretty happy with the results so far and saving money is always a good thing. Let’s wait ’til they’re painted.


As I said, I wanted dynamic poses for my Seraphim, and taking different legs was no option. So I decided to take all the legs, that were already in motion and just glued them to rocks and debris. You just have to make sure, that the torsos are not too angular. This gives an impression of jumping/flying of and further distinguishes the Seraphim from normal Battle Sisters.

Last but not least I had to take some arms from normal Space Marines and modify some of their Bolt Pistols to Inferno Pistols, by adding some parts of the Eisenkern Weaponry.

Imagifier and Hospitaller


Thinking about the next models to convert, I came across all the elite choices of the current Index Imperium 2 and decided to build my own ones. An Imagifier and a Hospitaller, both Characters I really like by their backgrounds and general style.

Retribution and salvation joining. (Sorry for the bad quality)

Again, both models are based on my regular Plastic Battle Sisters and I simply added lots of additional bits from my box. Both are not completely done and I will surely add some additional parchments and add some more details to the bases, but you get the idea.

And that’s it for now. I will do my best to build the missing two Seraphim soon and of course start painting them.

The army gets some new style …

Let me know about your thoughts and feedback in the comments and may the Emperor be with you!

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