Time for Retribution: Another Sister revealed!

This weeks Battle Sister Bulletin presents another model from the upcoming Sisters of Battle portfolio, the Retributor. And we get not one, but two new models to gaze upon!

Let me say, the design is great and as written below, they kept all their design philosophies from previous models, like the gothic braziers for the heavy flamer. There are also some unique (?) helmet options to choose from, giving the Retributors some extraordinary look.

What I miss though, is some sort of heavier armour, at least around the feet – As seen on the Devastator Space Marines for example. Rule-wise, they might be exactly the same as Battle Sisters, but still, carrying around heavy weaponry cries for some additional support >.<

Anyway, take a look for your own and let me know what you think!

From Warhammer Community: 

It’s time for some retribution! When it comes to the Adepta Sororitas, this of course means squads of Battle Sisters wielding massive guns. That’s right – today we’re looking at Retributors!

Many of you may remember that when we first announced that we were working on a new Adepta Sororitas range, we showed you a few early examples of their weapons and wargear – including a certain heavy bolter.

Well, here it is again, this time being borne by a Retributor in all her glory!

The Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas are traditionally armed with a bolter, flamer, or melta weapon – known to their Orders as the Holy Trinity. In the case of Retributors, who specialise in providing fire support, this means carrying either a heavy bolter, heavy flamer or multi-melta. In addition to multiple options of each weapon type and a Sister Superior to lead them, the Retributors will have a number of head options, including bare, helmeted, or ones equipped with rebreathers – all of which have their own additional flourishes of detail. For example, the full helm of the Retributor shown above has a built-in targeter for accuracy.

However, if you prefer your heretics chargrilled rather than perforated with heavy bolter rounds, chances are you’ll be looking to equip your Retributors with a heavy flamer or two. Check out this alternative build that can be assembled from the kit…

The heavy flamer’s twin nozzles have been designed in the style of Gothic braziers, matching the vehicle exhausts and other similar details we’ve seen so far across the new range. Nuances of design such as these not only help to unify a miniatures range, but reinforce its own unique identity. In the case of the Adepta Sororitas, this principle is especially important, as they’re one of many military institutions within the Imperium and their Battle Sisters utilise weapons and wargear that are common among them.

Armorium Cherub

That’s not all! The new kit is also set to include a brand-new feature in the form of an Armorium Cherub.

The (cute?) little winged creature is carrying a fuel canister for a heavy flamer. After all, nothing ruins a good purge like running out of promethium before you’ve burnt all the heretics!

Which combination of heavy weapons are you planning to arm your Retributors with? Let us know on our Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

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