Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v2.0

It’s been roughly 9 month since I released my first version of Sisters of Battle Kill Team rules and after such a long time and a lot of great feedback from you guys, I decided it was time to give some updates. Point costs, new units, adjustments to the rules and so on.

Yet, I cannot offer the same visual quality as before, but hopefully I will find some time in the future. Since I also want to introduce some other new Kill Teams in the near future, this might take some time though.

As usual, let me know about your thoughts and once again THANK YOU for all the feedback and nice words on the first version of rules!


Kill Team – Units

A single squad of warriors, well equipped and well trained, can tip the balance of a war. Whether daring assassins, hawk-eyed scouts or grizzled veterans out for revenge, these  warriors can alter the destiny of entire planets through their efforts.

Battle Sisters








Kill Team – Commanders

Sometimes kill teams will be led into battle by a great hero, a high-ranking officer or even the warlord of a whole army. Such individuals are only committed to action in this way when their unique skills and experience are absolutely critical for mission success.





Mistress of Repentance


Geminae Superia


Kill Team – Elites



Having a plan is all very well, but any kill team worthy of the name must be able to adapt to the changing circumstances of their mission – reacting in a split second to a new threat or directive, utilising special equipment or ammunition, or simply digging deep to surpass their mortal limits.




Melee Weapons: Warriors are silenced with a knife to the back, or cut down as their positions are overrun.


Ranged Weapons: Gun muzzles flare, shots ring out, and grenades crack as sentries are eliminated; lone operatives are picked off, or multiple combatants are mown down in sudden crossfires.


Point values

Everything has its price …



As usual, I appreciate feedback a lot! May the Emperor be with you.

2 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v2.0

Add yours

  1. Hi! I really love your work here, I might give a go at this rules when I get a few extra seraphims and see what happens. Would love a printable pdf version that I can bind tho,I hope you find the time and energy to do it 🙂 thanks for sharing it!


    1. Hi Vick, thanks for the kind words!
      Please let me know when you tested the rules 😉 Always looking for some broader feedback.
      And yes, I’ll try to hurry a little!


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