Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v2.0

It’s been roughly 9 month since I released my first version of Sisters of Battle Kill Team rules and after such a long time and a lot of great feedback from you guys, I decided it was time to give some updates. Point costs, new units, adjustments to the rules and so on.

Yet, I cannot offer the same visual quality as before, but hopefully I will find some time in the future. Since I also want to introduce some other new Kill Teams in the near future, this might take some time though.

As usual, let me know about your thoughts and once again THANK YOU for all the feedback and nice words on the first version of rules!

(If you haven’t seen them yet ► These are the new Sisters of Battle in 40k!)



Kill Team – Units

A single squad of warriors, well equipped and well trained, can tip the balance of a war. Whether daring assassins, hawk-eyed scouts or grizzled veterans out for revenge, these  warriors can alter the destiny of entire planets through their efforts.

Battle Sisters








Kill Team – Commanders

Sometimes kill teams will be led into battle by a great hero, a high-ranking officer or even the warlord of a whole army. Such individuals are only committed to action in this way when their unique skills and experience are absolutely critical for mission success.





Mistress of Repentance


Geminae Superia


Kill Team – Elites

In Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, every warrior is a hero in their own desperate war story. Yet there are those combatants whose heroism – or indeed the diabolical opposite – sets them above comrade and enemy alike. These elite operatives are death incarnate, and their arrival spells doom for the foe.



Order Convictions

The Sub-factions for models with the ADEPTUS SORORITAS Faction keyword are called Orders, and their Sub-faction abilities are called Order Convictions. If your kill team is Battle-forged and all models in your kill team are drawn from the same Order, models in the kill team gain the Order Conviction described below, and you can use that Orders Convictions.



Having a plan is all very well, but any kill team worthy of the name must be able to adapt to the changing circumstances of their mission – reacting in a split second to a new threat or directive, utilising special equipment or ammunition, or simply digging deep to surpass their mortal limits.




Melee Weapons: Warriors are silenced with a knife to the back, or cut down as their positions are overrun.


Ranged Weapons: Gun muzzles flare, shots ring out, and grenades crack as sentries are eliminated; lone operatives are picked off, or multiple combatants are mown down in sudden crossfires.


Point values

Everything has its price …




How does the Act of Faith system work and how can I use more than 1 Act per round?

First off – I’m not using the current AoF System of Chapter Approved 2018. Simply because the unmodified version is pretty bad. So my rules are based on the previous system. So don’t be surprised by missing Faithpoints and such.

Act of Faith: Every battle round, one of your models with this ability can perform an Act of Faith chosen from the following list. Some abilities may allow you to use more than one Act of Faith in the same turn; when this is the case, a different unit must be chosen to perform each Act of Faith.

  • The same Act can be used various times per round.
  • Every model in your kill team can only perform 1 Act per round.
  • By using a Simulacrum Imperialis you can use more than 1 Act per round, actually as many as you have Simulacrums and different Sisters that can perform these Acts

As usual, I appreciate feedback a lot! May the Emperor be with you.

18 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v2.0

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  1. Hi! I really love your work here, I might give a go at this rules when I get a few extra seraphims and see what happens. Would love a printable pdf version that I can bind tho,I hope you find the time and energy to do it 🙂 thanks for sharing it!


    1. Hi Vick, thanks for the kind words!
      Please let me know when you tested the rules 😉 Always looking for some broader feedback.
      And yes, I’ll try to hurry a little!


  2. Enjoyed trying the rules out! Not a lot of comments off the cuff, but we did notice the hand flamers here do not seem to follow the rules for other hand flamers (pistol 1, as opposed to variable hits).

    Aside from that, I like the AoF’s. Thought they might be a bit strong, with being able to fire off a weapon twice for free, but was not as overwhelming as I thought.

    Hope to see some elites hit the table!


    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback and of course you’re absolutely right, added a note to change Handflamers to Pistol D3 >.<
      Looking forward to your next videos 😉


  3. First of I have to say I love the rules and the fact that you made them. I have always wanted to play a Sisters of Battle army, just never had the money to do so. Kill team has thankfully allowed me to use them but without the wallet shattering price. With that said I worked with some of my friends and made a few adjustments to your rules basically updating them to the new elites book that was added. All in all 2 new units and a few balance changes. I would love to get your feedback on what we have come up with. Is their a good email I could send it to as it is a word doc or just post the changes here?

    And again thanks for the amazing work.


    1. Hi Fallcon, I wrote you an email with the contact data from WordPress (but maybe just a fake mail ^^). Please check if you got anything and let me know 😉


  4. I went ahead and sent you the copy of what my friends and I came up with for rules. I do know that after another round of testing I would make a few more changes to some of the war gear options that we added. Found a few ways to basically make sisters that beet even the best space marines in CC. Looking forward to what you think of the new units and point costs though.


  5. I am currently working on my SoB kill team to then finally try out your awesome work 🙂 While doing so, one question came up: Since both the website and the pdf version show that the Repentia has a 7+ save I assume it was intentional and they have to rely on their 6+ invulnerable save. Has anyone tried them out yet? Seeing how fragile that makes them, I think I’d always either pick a normal sister instead or invest 3 more points to get a crusader. They just seem too fragile for a CC unit to me.

    Any experience or input on this topic? Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Tim!
      You are absolutely right, they are really fragile. Sometimes, I take one anyway and due to the dense terrain you normally have in Kill Team, you can even get them in CC relatively safe 😉
      It can be the unit you need for that one important punch to your opponents face, but that means there are better and worse missions to take them.
      In the end, they suffer the same problem as in 40k. There are simply better options most of the time …

      I really hope for some rule updates with the new Sisters release 🙂


  6. Hey there! Planning on using these rules this Friday with some friends. One thing I’m curious about. You don’t have any rules for generating more faith points. How are you planning on doing it? I e talked with my group and we are doing 1 point for every 2 models on the board, rounded down. Has anyone else


    1. Oooh! Upon closer reading, you’re only allowing one act of faith per round. You do say there is a way to use more then one, but it’s not really explained how that happens. Hmm. I feel like using the variety of Acts of Faith is how you combat the sisters low strength and toughness. Normally you can only cast each AoF once per round, but as many different ones as you have points. Hmm. Maybe have a small section in the beginning or end with a modified version of the explanation in the chapter approved? Just a thought! I’m happy you’ve made these rules!


      1. Hi Conor! Thanks for the feedback – I just added a “Q&A” section for such requests.

        To give a short answer anyway: An Act of Faith can be used various times per round but every model in your kill team can only perform 1 Act per round.

        By using a Simulacrum Imperialis you can use more than 1 Act per round, actually as many as you have Simulacrums and different Sisters that can perform these Acts

        There are no Faith points, since I don’t use the new rules of Chapter Approved 2018.

        I hope that clarifies the problem and it’s great that you want to test these rules! Let me know who things worked out 😉


  7. Heya
    I have a question: When exactly am I supposed to declare act of faith?
    I’ve played with an other homemade rules for sista
    (this one )

    My friend, who play astra millitarum at 40k, say to me that crusaders was supposed to have act of faith (crusaders seem to have them in his codex) and if we look at the rules in his codex, I was supposed to declare them at the begining of my turn (so my mouvement phase in KT) and had to roll a 2+. What do you think of that?

    Also, I was a bit affraid about the seraphim. Army in killteam never get their jetpack’s models. (no assault in adeptus astartes, no chockboyz in orks, etc etc). Is it a safe idea to put them in.


    1. Hi Zap,

      the rules you linked in your comment are actually also mine – it was the first edition of rules, this is the follow-up so to say. More units, better balancing, slight changes.


      To answer your question, there is no specific moment to declare all Acts of Faith.

      The Acts of Faith are used in different situations and that’s when you declare them. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead. If you have no Simulacrum Imperialis for example and used your Act of Faith in the Movement phase, you can’t use it in the Shooting phase obviously. You have to wait for the right moments and take some risks.

      I hope that clarifies it, everything else should be explained in the rules and the Q&A part hopefully 🙂


      And yes, Crusaders have the Act of Faith ability in the 40k setup and rules, but I always found it misplaced and simply removed it for my Kill Team rules.
      In the end, it’s just a set of house rules, so you can definitely try to “re-implement” them 😉


      And last but not least, the Seraphim. The introduction of Kill Team Elites brought several FLY units to the table.
      – Suppressor for Adeptus Astartes
      – Triarch Praetorians for Necrons
      – Battlesuits of the Tau

      But you’re right, a lot of units didn’t make it. As far as I can tell, the Seraphim are quite fine the way they are, but that’s a personal view of course.
      Maybe you give it a try and let me know how it played out!


    1. Just so you know, I’m currently creating a dataset to use these rules with the Battlescribe app. Can I get any contact of someone who might be able to give me some clarifications/answer some questions I have about the rules? Thanks again!


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