The new Sisters of Battle – A work in progress

Hello everyone! With a new Battle Sister Bulletin released, I recognized the current amount of news and previews about the new Adepta Sororitas and decided to make some sort of collection for all we know so far and all the impressions we got from Games Workshop. I will keep this post updated with pictures, previews and rumours.

More than a year ago, we got a glimpse of the new plastic Sisters of Battle which might be released this year (pray to the Emperor) or at least beginning of next year. After all, GW made pretty clear, that they will take the time needed and not rush anything with this product line – which in the end benefits all of us.

Until now, previews were quite rare, but all together, we have some pretty nice impressions on how the new Sisters will look like:



On top we see the very first glimpse of the new Sisters line and below that, roughly a year later, the first preview of an actual model, painted beautifully and catching the style of the Adeptus Sororitas with every inch.

Some time ago, Warhammer also blessed us with the second painted sisters, as seen on the other picture above, and both those models compared, are just magnificent.

Behold the glory of those new character models. A Canoness, seasoned and merciless and a new Hospitaller,  a model that totally blew my mind. At least the Hospitaller will have some modification features like a gas mask and another object in hand, let’s see if the same is true for the Canoness. (Which I really hope for …)


Then came impressions of a new Seraphim and a Battle Sister with Simulacrum, giving more insight in the design philosophy of the new Sisters and different levels of detail, compared to the special character shown before.


Recently, we also saw the first unpainted models and a look at the specials Sisters sprue.

Next up, Games Workshop showed us some models of the new Retributors with heavy weaponry. The focus lies on the helmets and unique weapon design when it comes to flamers of all kind.


Recently, we were also shown a bunch of new render models and slowly but steady, you get a really good idea of how the new Sisters of Battle will look like on the table, even though the new vehicles are still missing (except for some minor details) And what can I say, its magnificant …


What was missing for quite a long time, were the Repentia Sisters, but recently GW also previews the first render models for those desperate warriors, seeking redemption in the name of the holy Emperor. Fierce, brutal and once again with a lot of great details.


Obviously, the furious Misstress may not be missing! Who else could could push the Repentias even further in battle? And by the way, also a great model with the crested collar.




Things got even better, when we were introduced to further weapon and armour designs. Just like the Sisters themselves, they are full of beautiful details and seem to fit perfectly to bring the Emperors wrath upon his enemies.



As mentioned before, we were also shown some designs for vehicle details. Amour plating, doors and exhausts. And not to forget a good bunch of equipment and scenery! Especially a creepy little cherub >.< Or is the Penitent Engine “driver creepier” … ?


And last but not least, even the Adeptus Ministorum got some minor updates with the release of Blackstone Fortress and Combat Arena. With Taddeus the Purifier, Pious Vorne and a brand new Crusader, you can easily upgrade your support troops. And maybe there will also be new squads of Ministorum units to spice up your army.

That’s it for now. Looking back the last months, we got much more previews than I thought! And I’m loving all of it.

What do you think? Are you missing some previews in particular? Are you happy with the new design or are there any flaws to you? Let me know in the comments.

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