The Deserts of Arios – Poem

As a little sign of life, I texted a short poem, while thinking about the backstory of my Sisters order. It’s just a few lines, but I hope you like it anyway.

The place is Arios Prime, shortly after the invasion of the demon hordes and the nigh annihilation of the planet – the home of the Sisters of Saint Nora. And amidst the burned desert of Arios, the once blooming gardens of the Order, stands Canoness Valeena, mourning those who passed …

I wander through ashes and dust
over corpses of sisters and foes
Passing a fallen kingdom
along bones and a carcass of rust

In the nightmarish silence of death
I bow down to a fallen rose.
The blossoms withered in twilight
of my beloved worlds last taken breath

I am strong, but I cannot stop crying
held by grief as a fire arose
For I know that my sisters will rest
at the side of our father undying

A darkness had fallen upon us
with horror and death to impose
But demons are burned, our enemies shattered
by fire, righteous and just

In the deserts of Arios woken
our wrath and our fury glows
His daughters ascending from fire
the Sisters of Battle unbroken

– Sister Valeena, Canoness of the Sisters of Saint Nora


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