Artstyle – The Rose of Arios

While waiting and waiting and waiting for some news about the new Sisters of Battle productline – wasn’t there something about sharing the progress with the community 😦 – I started to work on another project in the meantime.

While there is not much to talk about yet, I just wanted to share a first piece of artwork and perhaps get one or the other reaction and opinion about it. Since I’m not an artist and only capable of some playing around with photoshop, this is the result of different models and wallpapers being combined in a nice artstyle.


The first picture shows a look upon the ruined Arios Prime from the view of Canoness Valeena. While a second picture shows war in the burning ruins of the capitol city.


These pieces of art will support some kind of short story and perhaps there is soon more to tell.

Or even some news about our beloved Sisters …

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