Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v1.0 (8th Edition)

New version of Rules:

Sisters of Battle Killteam v2.0



Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while now since Warhammer 40k Killteam hit the stores and some friends and I love playing this game. Unfortunately, I’m not a man of patience and I really wanted to field my Sisters of Battle into the dark and grim battlezones of the far future.

So we decided once again, to go with some house rules. And today I’d like to present the first version we came up with. Most rules, weapons and tactics are based on the already integrated kill teams and so we didn’t experience any bigger problems yet, but as usual, these are all house-rules and propably not yet balanced perfectly.


Battle Sisters

Datasheet for the Battle Sisters in Warhammer 40k Killteam. House Rules for the Adeptus Sororitas.
Datasheet for Battle Sisters in Warhammer 40k Killteam


Datasheet for the Crusaders in Warhammer 40k Killteam. House Rules for the Adeptus Sororitas.
Datasheet for Crusaders in Warhammer 40k Killteam

The backbone of every killteam are naturally the Battle Sisters, but the Adeptus Ministorum is on their side, supporting with some fierce close-combat forces.




The Sisters have access to the classical armoury of the Imperium and there will be few surprises. But what more to desire than the trinity of Bolter, Melta and Flamer?

Point Values


No kill team without a price. As for most of the units in 40k Killteam, the costs are similar to the Index/Codex books, just slightly reduced during testing. The weapons though, have totally different values and only time will tell, if the prices above are fitting to the other kill teams. (While once again, we heavily relied on the Adeptus Astartes costs)


Tactics for the Sisters of Battle in Warhammer 40k Killteam. House Rules for the Adeptus Sororitas.
Tactics for the Sisters of Battle in Warhammer 40k Killteam.

As every other kill team in the game, the Sisters of Battle have their own set of tactics. We took a good selection of the already integrated tacitcs of other teams and are confident, that this will be balanced well enough. (Eventhough new tactics could be more fun … perhaps in the future)




The Canoness is the classic HQ choice for every Sisters of Battle army and therefor may not be missed in the killteams of the 41th millenia. Its a cheap choice and a flexible commander to use.



The Legatine is a new HQ option, we already included in our regular 40k games.

The Legatine is among the highest ranking Sisters in any Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. The most skilled of warriors and the greatest spiritual leaders the Sororitas possess, they inspire great devotion in those that follow them and are political powers in their own right in the Imperium. Most Legatines go on to serve as a Canoness Preceptor, Prioress or even the Canoness Superior of their Order.

And this finishes the rules of the Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40k Killteam. Let me know if you like these rules. And if you tried them out on your own, let me know about the results!

May the Emperor be with you

32 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle – Killteam Rules v1.0 (8th Edition)

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  1. Great article. Ony thing that bothers me is that you gave stats and cost for plasma gun, but noone can have it. Otherwise brilliant


    1. Thanks for the hint! For some reason, there were several more mistakes in the ranged weapon sheet 😦 Not sure how this happend, but it’s fixed.


  2. Would you mind sharing the templates for these rules? I’d like to try my hand at making my own Kill Team faction (Adeptus Ministorum) and was wondering how you made your rules


    1. Hi Octavian! I used Photoshop to create the sheets, copying and modifying some scanned documents. If you have access to a PS or a similar tool, I can try to make a cleaned-up version for you.


    1. Actually not, they usually wear a Master-Crafted Carapace Armour. Seems that Power Armours are really reserved for Sisters and Inquisitor s and such.


    1. Hi Oxide7, reasonable question.
      In the end, I would simply prefer a heavy armoured warrior with a big shield when it comes to advancing through dense city-areas.
      No other reason to be honest πŸ™‚
      Maybe I’ll find the time to add some more units soon though.


      1. Fair enough.

        More units would be awesome. My main criticism with Kill Team is the lack of diversity especially with units. Too many armies with just a single unit choice.


  3. Hi apart from the fantastic setup I’ve already used your list in more than a couple of match with good results (more or less…). A question: Act of Faith. On the Abilities list it’s not clear how you can use them. Do they need the presence of a Simulacrum to be used? If not, you suppose a unit can perform an Act of Faith without spending a CP or dice throw? Please clarify. For the rest, superb work!


    1. Hi Michele, glad you like the rules.

      Every battle round, you can perform exactly one Act of Faith with a Battle Sister of your choice and you don’t need to roll for that – it’s automatically successful.

      To have the otherwise typical roll of 2+ (Index-Version of Sisters) feels quite annoying in Kill Team, so we simply leave it be. But if it seems to powerful for you, feel free to adjust that.

      The Simulacrum Imperialis can be used to perform a second Act of Faith per battle round – if you roll a 4+ and if the target Battle Sister is within 6″ of the bearer of the Simulacrum.

      It is important to note, that every Battle Sister may only perform one Act of Faith per round, so when you are using a Simulacrum, make sure to target a Sister that didn’t already perform an Act.

      I hope that clarified the issue a little bit. πŸ™‚
      If not, feel free to ask!


  4. Perfect! So tomorrow evening I will try again considering the free Act of Faith for each Sister on every turn and try to see if this could sound too powerful or no (in case, I’ll go with the 2+ as from the Index)! Thanks again!


  5. I, still me. I’ve got the Chapter Approved 2018 with the new rules for the Adeptas Sororitas. Here you have an excerpt of the rules pertaining the Act Of Faith that now is treated differently as every Act of Faith has a Devotion Value to roll against:
    The Sisters of Battle can call upon the Emperor for divine assistance. If your army includes any models with this ability, you will start the battle with 3 Faith Points, plus 1 additional Faith Point for every 10 models with this ability in your army (rounding down). These can be spent to attempt the Acts of Faith listed below. Each can only be attempted once per battle round, and you must spend one Faith Point each time you do so (if you have no Faith Points remaining, you cannot attempt an Act of Faith). To attempt an Act of Faith, select a unit in your army that has the Acts of Faith ability and then choose the Act of Faith you wish to attempt. Then make a Test of Faith for the unit by rolling a D6; if the result is less than that Act of Faith’s devotion value, or is an unmodified roll of 1, the test fails and nothing happens.
    Otherwise the test is successful and the Act of Faith takes effect.
    – Hand of the Emperor Devotion value 4 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of your Movement phase. If successful, add 3″ to the selected unit’s Move characteristic until the end of that phase.
    – Spirit of the Martyr Devotion value 3 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of your Movement phase. If successful, one model in the selected unit regains D3 lost wounds, or, if there are no wounded models and any models in the unit have been slain, you can return one slain model to the unit with 1 wound remaining (this model is set up in unit coherency and cannot be set up within 1″ of any enemy models – if it is not possible to place this model, it is not returned to the unit).
    – Aegis of the Emperor Devotion value 3 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of your oppnent’s Psychic phase.If successful then until the end of that phase, roll a D6 each time the selected unit suffers a mortal wound. On a 4+ that mortal wound is ignored.
    – Divine Guidance Devotion Value 4 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of your Shooting phase. If successful, add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with this unit’s ranged weapons until the end of the phase.
    – The Passion Devotion value 5 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of your Fight phase. If successful, the selected unit can be chosen to fight with twice that phase.
    – Light of the Emperor Devotion Value 3 – Use this Act of Faith at the start of the Morale phase. If successful, the selected unit automatically passes Morale tests that phase.”

    Hope this would help in reshaping – if you want – the Tactics.


    1. Hi Michele, thanks for sharing. Actually, I decided to not use the new rules yet, since I simply don’t like them enough. I wrote an article about some minor tweaks, but in the end, the new Act-System is not really fun.


  6. Nice work but the models feels underpriced.
    Base sisters cost 8 points, a Scion costs 9 and has 6 leadership, a 4+ save and no 6+ inv and act of faith. They should cost 10 points like a marine scout, 11 the retributor and the superia (less T and S but better saves and scout has transhuman physiology and tsknf).
    Crusaders cost 11 points (equipped), like a wych fighter but they have ap -3 and inv 3+ always! You can field 9 models (paladin leader) with storm shields in a game in which dealing mortal wounds is not easy, Deathwatch can field 5 storm shields and are still 1 W models. They should cost 13 if a Deathwatch Veteran is 19 points.
    Canoness compared to a Lord Commissar has 1 more W, 1 more A, better save, better inv and costs 22/34/48/64, Lord Commissar costs 25/30/45/65. Her stats are more similar to a Succubus, a 48/63/78/103 model!
    I hope you check out this list, becouse it’s really too cheap. Hoping being useful bb πŸ˜‰


    1. I agree that the points are perhaps a bit off. A sister ought to be 9 minimum. Make power swords 2 pts to fall in line with other Kill Team values (sword = maul = sword+2) – that’ll also serve to bump up the crusaders to 12, which puts them more in line with where they should be, imo.
      That Simulacrum is potent, sure but why pay 25pts for 1/2 an extra action when you could field 2 other units for 2 extra actions? Gotta drop that down to somewhere between 5-10 and see how it goes


  7. Hello!
    I like the Battle Sisters very much, so I’m happy to have rules for them to play in a Kill Team match. Great work! But why Crusaders instead of Repentia Sisters? Want to see Eviscerators killing the opponent team πŸ˜‰


  8. Tried the rules last night in a kill team and really liked them! really well done as I found them quite straight forward and effective. The only question was on the Act of faith- I understand 1x battle sister (I assume this covers retributor and sister superiors also?) can perform an act of faith per battle round- it mentions 1x “unit” can recieve- does this 1x model or the full unit of battle sisters can take the action? I note there is a comment above on points- I note my opponents were suprised on the number of models I got for just under 100 points – 4 sisters with bolters, 1 x sister storm bolter, 1 sister superior chainsword + plasma, 1 heavy flamer, 1 heavy bolter, 2 x paladin.. loved the sheilds on the paladins! Heavy flamer sister got me a joint 1st in a 3 player πŸ™‚


  9. Love these. I made some up as well but included Seraphim – there are not a lot of flyers in Kill team. Take the flamer pistols and you have a deadly assassination team. They are glass cannons though …


  10. Love this post, thanks for putting the time into making it. Def something I’m keen on using in house rules games with my friends (my local GW store doesn’t allow it), and see how it goes.
    Missing perhaps the Seraphims and as stated before the Repentia – your reasoning for going for a Crusader makes sense though!


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