First glimpse of magnificence – A new Sister of Battle is born

Hold your breath, for you will definitely lose it! The first pictures of a new Sister of Battle were officially shown at this years Warhammer Fest – and girl, is this model glorious!

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Source: From Warhammer Community

At the AdeptiCon Studio Seminar, we revealed that Sisters of Battle are on their way. We promised you we’d keep you updated and take you on this army’s journey from design to release. Now, as promised, we can finally show you just what the new generation of Adepta Sororitas is going to look like:

– Warhammer Community

3D Model of a new Sister of Battle
No, Im not crying … it’s just … I was peeling some onions!

The classic gothic design of the Sisters of Battle is, to be frank, awesome, and with the new range, the design studio hasn’t been trying to change that – instead, we’ve gone back to the original art and looked at how we can truly bring it to life using cutting edge design technology. The first model of the new generation of Sisters of Battle is based – almost detail-for-detail – on some of the most iconic Sisters of Battle art ever made, and you can expect the rest of the army to follow the classic design cues you know and love.

– Warhammer Community


It is true, the new model really captures all the glorious details of the Adepta Sororitas and by that, everything I was dreaming of. Let’s dive into some details!

Only on the front you can find 5 purity seals, 5 Fleur de Lys symbols, 8 skulls, crosses, a prayers chain, inquisitorial symbols, a ton of rivets and the classy leather bodice. And not to mention the scenic base, that is part of this special miniature.

We’ve pushed our designers to the limit with these new models, and this first Battle Sister is the perfect example of that – she’s got everything from ragged purity seals, rosaries and charms, to precise mechanical details on the bolter and power armour that has been lavishly realised. The scenic base alone is an awesome piece in its own right. We think it’s safe to say that if you’re a Sororitas fan, the wait has been well worth it.

This Battle Sister will be the first you’ll be able to get your hands on, a special preview release ahead of the main wave to make the wait a little bit more bearable. We can’t say when just yet, but stay tuned to Warhammer Community to find out as soon as we have a date.

– Warhammer Community

Eventhough I’m pretty sure, that the normal Battle Sisters will not come with such a density of details, I’m still totally hyped for the new product line. You look at this miniature and just everything about it feels right, feels like a Sisters of Battle.


And some of you might fear, that the actual model will never look as detailed and clean as the 3D-model, but just have a look at current releases of the Stormcast Eternals for example. They reach such a level of detail, that I’m more than optimistic that Games Workshop will really deliver some amazing new models.


I for myself, start saving my hobby-money for the next year and I’m so looking forward to further announcements. I really hope that the “journey” GW will take us with, will gather some pace in the near future.

May the Emperor be with you! And bless us with some more patience …

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