Codex | Chevaliers (New Fast Attack)

Prepare for a rare sight on the battlefields of the 41st millenium – mechanized horses! And on their backs the righteous Sisters of Battle. A new unit to crush your enemies and bring fear to the unbeliever.

The idea of the Chevaliers came to me, when I found some old Dark Elf mounts from Warhammer Fantasy. It’s been decades since I last used them and so I decided to convert them into something usefull – and voilà, a first model for my future Chevalier squad and some test rules to use them. (They already made some appearances in the past, so it feels pretty right)


Models per Unit: 3-5 Points per Model: 23

And here are some impressions of my first model, at least 2 more to come!

And if you wonder how it looked before the primer …

I hope you like the idea and perhaps you’re also inspired to build some mounted units for the grim darkness of the far future.

May the Emperor be with you!

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