Psychic Awakening – Pariah

Update – Ephrael Stern is coming!

It is officially announced, the legendary Ephrael Stern is really coming to the table! And the Pariah is with her.


How cool is this model? And we can now be pretty sure, that the Sisters of Battle will play their part in the Psychic Awakening – big time!

The champion of some of the most iconic Warhammer graphic novels ever written, Ephrael Stern is getting a model of her own – just in time to test her powers against the greatest threat the Imperium has ever faced. She’s not alone – you’ll be able to field her alongside the Sisters of Battle, or with any Imperium force, and she’ll be accompanied by her Harlequin companion, Kyganil.

Today let’s have a look at some rumours swirling around the internet, about the last book of the Psychic Awakening series. As many of you might already know, it seems to be called “Pariah” and after all the other books announced, it leaves us with Sisters, Necrons, Harlequins and Deathwatch.


Now this alone is quite interesting for a Sisters player, but what really sticks out, is the name Pariah.

Necron players will remember the old Pariah units, experimental cybernetic warriors crafted from a terrible symbiosis of Necron technology and Human evolution. And this is a big issue, since the Necron chose humans with the so called “Pariah Gene”, which makes them immune to psychic abilities. In a time of a Psychic Awakening, this might come handy, especially for the Necrons.


But you know who else is called the Pariah? The Harlequin companion of Ephrael Stern. And if you wonder who this is, feel free to read my dedicated article:

Ephrael Stern and the Psychic Awakening

You will find, that she was already introduced in the PA Series where she unexpectedly made a cameo. Yvraine promised Stern the support of the Ynnari in exchange for the Pariah’s aid in finding a Solitaire willing to join the Ynnari.

And not only that, the classic Daemonifuge graphic novel is set to re-release in a hardcover format May 26th, 2020. This time in color! And this is really close to a potential release date of the PA book. Coincidence?


What ever is about to come, the Pariah – Necron, Harlequin or both – might really shake up the Psychic Awakening. Maybe the Pariah and Stern even made it to the Black Library and found a way to deal with all the threats that the galaxy now faces.

Though the Ordo Hereticus has issued orders for her destruction, some members of the Ordo secretly believe that she might represent humanity’s greatest hope since the legendary Primarchs.

Anyway, I’m absolutely hyped to read more about the last Psychic Awakening book and hopefully, Games Workshop will drop some further hints soon.

What do you guys think? Will we finally meet the legendary Ephrael Stern and her Harlequin friend, or “just” some revived Necron units? Or none? Or both? 😉

Let me know in the comments and my the Emperor protect you!

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