State of the Army – The Sisters are marching

Time for some progress dear friends! Yesterday I could finally finish my third and fourth squad of Sisters and with the Seraphim built and primed, I wanted to share some pics. Hopefully not to boring, but hey, that’s why I made this blog 🙂

The army so far

The Sisters of Saint Nora – 700 Points

Currently I could field 700 Points of Sisters, including

  • 2 Canoness (Blade of Admonition + Inferno Pistol / Combi-Plasma)
  • 2×5 Battle Sisters (Stormbolters / Flamer / Power Swords)
  • 2×5 Dominions (Meltaguns)
  • 1×5 Seraphim (Inferno Pistols, Plasma Pistol + Power Sword)
  • 1 Hospitaller
  • 1 Imagifier


The backbone – 10 Battle Sisters
It’s getting hot in here – 10 Dominions
Leading the army – 2 Canoness
From heaven we strike – 5 Seraphim

What’s next

Looking at the 4 troops of Battle Sisters and Dominions, it is pretty clear that I lack a lot of transportation. What I definitely want to purchase in near future, are 2 Immolators and 2 Sororitas Rhinos. (Or 4 Immolators …?)

Also, I will extend the army with all neccessary units to get some more Command Points. Right now, I only have 1 Outrider Detachment, but with a third elite unit, I can finish an additional Vanguard Detachment and then I will look at a potential Battalion.

Something heavy this way comes

Anyway, that’s not all. Since I face my birthday in mid march, I decided to wish for an Imperial Knight and a good load of converion-parts! And since I ordered it yesterday, there is something big coming 😉 But more on that in another post – or better said, a load of new posts. Stay tuned!

The Angels cometh – Allies 

With only 700 points on the table, I can barely participate in any larger games and so I decided to bring back some of my Blood Angels to the battlefield. And therefor I decided to also share some pics and impressions in the next weeks. (Until now, I tested a lot with placeholder units for the sisters, but these days shall be over ^^)

Here is a first glimpse on the leader of my Angels – Brother Karuun

Brother Karuun – Chaplain of the Blood Angels


And that’s it for now. Feel free to leave a comment and may the Emperor be with you!

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