Sisters of Battle join the ranks in November!

It happened! It finally happened! We got a release date for the Sisters of Battle and it will be November of 2019. So get your prayers ready and let’s jump into the latest news!

Wanna see all the new models revealed yet?

Nova Open 2019 just started and it started big. Next to a lot other announcements, for me, the Sisters of Battle were clearly the highlight. And in best GW manner, it was last to be mentioned in their article ^^ We finally get our hands on the new models in November and I really can’t wait for this day to come. Here are some impressions from the release-video (which I can’t integrate unfortunately)

And here’s what the Warhammer Community had to say about the release, including a lot of new painted miniature glory:

It’s our pleasure to unveil this glorious army set today – a monument to the unwavering devotion of our community and to a new era for one of the most beloved armies in Warhammer 40,000.

After waiting for so long, you all deserved something very special, and that’s what this Sisters of Battle Army Set delivers. This packed box kicks off your Adepta Sororitas force in style. Including a swathe of stunning new plastic models and a limited edition codex, this one is dedicated to you die-hard Sisters of Battle fans as a reward for your unwavering faith.

Plastic Battle Sisters (and Seraphim!), painted and ready for war. Did you ever believe you’d see it?

There’s even a new Penitent Engine – a magnificent reinvention of one of the most iconic Warhammer 40,000 models ever, that somehow manages to be even more grimdark than its predecessor.

As a special thank you to the dedicated fans who made it to the NOVA Open Warhammer Preview in person, we gave every single member of the audience their very own plastic Canoness. Turns out, attending our Warhammer Preview shows can be pretty sweet. And don’t worry if you weren’t there this time – this Canoness is found in the Sisters of Battle army set!

So what do you think about the new range? What are you looking for next and will you try to get your hands and the army box in November?

Let me know and may the Emperor guide you!

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