Faith and Fury: The Psychic Awakening – Part II

Warhammer TV released a new Video a couple of hours ago and it seems to show all factions relevant for the second part of the Psychic awakening! Looks like the Sisters of Battle will play a big part in it …

First of all, let’s take a look at the new video itself:

As you can see, there are a lot of factions shown in the flipping icon and it seems that the following factions will be part of the next expansion:

  • Sisters of Battle
  • Alpha Legion
  • Astra Militarum
  • Emperor’s Children
  • Iron Warriors
  • Night Lords
  • Salamanders
  • White Scars
  • Word Bearers
  • World Eaters
  • Black Templar

Heading over to the official Psychic Awakening site, you will also find a new icon as shown in the video, right in the Segmentum Solar! And it shows none other than the Sisters of Battle. (► Some ideas on what the Sisters might be up to)

Part II of the Psychic Awakening in Warhammer 40k

Together with the Title “Faith and Fury Against the Darkness” and the simple teaser of “The Faith of Talledus will be tested …” we can be quite sure that the next part of the Psychic Awakening is strongly about the theme of faith and treachery. And the factions fit that perfectly.

We have the Sisters of Battle alongside the Black Templers, representing the Faith in the Emperor better than anyone else. And opposing them, we have the Word Bearers, the preachers of Chaos itself, the whispering temptation in the dark and lonely hours. Mix that up with the horrifying Night Lords and World Eaters, driving the poor people of the Imperium into the arms of wrong gods and false believe and you have the potential for a new War of Faith! Not to mention all the chaos that the Alpha Legion is able to spread.

Thinking about treachery, there are numerous rumours out there, that the Traitor Guard might make an appereance in the near future. With Blackstone Fortress, GW does have a great range of new models at hand … wouldn’t that be perfect for this campaign book?! (I mean … to have even more enemies to purge!)

Traitor Guard ready for the Psychic Awakening?


The place where things go down, is obviously a planet or a system called Talledus. As it seems, there is no background for it yet. But maybe we can make a good guess on where exactely Talledus is positioned. Let’s take a look at the map!

Talledus lies somewhere between Terra and Elysia. Also not far away from Armageddon and even The Rock! Maybe there will be some surprise-appearance of the Dark Angels? And what about Armageddon, maybe a vague link to Angron and its World Eaters? Let’s not forget that he already fought there some time ago… Would be a perfect timing for a World Eater codex and an Angron model 🙂

Comparing the position with some of the current maps, we can we can also find a few interessting locations not far from Talledus.


  • Voss Prime
  • Daemonic Incursion
  • Damnation Spiral

All in all there’s not so much to talk about, but the Daemonic Incursion fits quite well so close to the location. The Damnation Spiral might be too far off and the Adeptus Mechanicus, represented by the Imperial Forge World of Voss Prime, is not mentioned in the Trailer at all. But if you’re interessted, don’t hesitate to read a little bit about Voss Prime. Quite the important place in 40k lore.

So yeah, that leaves us with few informations. As it seems, GW is really setting this up from nothing. No real points of interest yet.

What do you guys think? What to expect from the next chapter of the Psychic Awakening and are you already excited about it? Maybe we get some more informations in the next Battle Sisters Bulletin that should be released later today.

May the Emperor protect you.


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