Knights of the Emperor – A new HQ for the Imperium

In the name of his holy grace – it is time for a new hero to arrive in the grim dark. Today, let me present to you a new (home-made) hero of the Imperium – the Knight of the Emperor.

Its been quite a while since I last came up with some new units to accompany my Sisters of Battle, but after a lot of considering and testing, the Knight of the Emperor is ready to arise. And this time, it is a hero for the whole Imperium!

The idea is heavily based on classic Knights in history and also a little bit on the old Bretonnians in Warhammer Fantasy. And this is mainly reflected by the different Vows a Knight can take and by the Blessings he receives.

Beside that, the model is mainly based on a Custodian Allarus Terminator. It has less wounds and attacks than a Shield Captain, but it profits from a lot of special abilities and great wargear! Here is the Datasheet:


Profile of the Knight of the Emperor

As stated in the Knight Errant rule, this model can be chosen for any Imperium army, including Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Astra Militarum and so on … Anyway, I fell that it is best suited to be part of a Sororitas or Militarum army 😉

I’m still working on the background of the Knights though. I imagine them being regular Allarus Custodians (as “regular” as such warriors get …) which got a glimpse of the Emperor himself and were forever changed by this experience. Maybe it was the Emperor himself who spoke to those rarely chosen individuals and changed their path forever.

From that day on, the duty of a Custodian is not fitting these heroes anymore and with the permission of their general, they set out to the galaxy to forge a new destiny. They are the bringers of light and will fight any foe that dares stand in their way, supporting all loyal servants of the Imperium.

A Knights duty can only end in death, with a prayer to their divine lord and the certainty that it was his will they served until the end.

Fitting the Knights profile, I based my first model on an Allarus Custodian, but replaced the helmet and added a shield and a new tabard. Combined with some seals and painted in less gold, it contrasts nicely from the Custodian and reflects my idea of an “Imperial Knight” (… *cough*)

A Knight of the Emperor

But what about you guys? Do you like the idea and consider testing it out? Do you have your own ideas for color schemes and conversions? Let me know in the comments!!

May the Emperor protect you.

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