Ready for Redemption – New Sisters revealed

So it was Monday again and Games Workshop gave us a first preview of the new Sisters Repentia in their Battle Sister Bulletin Nr.12. Rendered models again, but a lot of them. Let’s take a look at these grim warriors of the Orders Militant!

► Overview of all new models

Sisters Repentia

To the Adepta Sororitas, nothing is more important than their faith in the Emperor. Seriously – nothing! To that end, any perceived lapse in zeal or duty is punished severely. Repentia are Sororitas who have fallen short of their Order’s stringent code and now seek ultra-violent redemption by washing away their sins with the blood of heretics and unbelievers. Whether the result of harsh chastisement or even voluntary service after failing to live up to their own high standards, Sisters Repentia are ceremoniously deprived of their holy armour and wargear and formally cast out of their Order.

The only logical step from there is to charge into battle to kill the impure with enormous two-handed chainblades or seek retribution in death. After all, you can hardly call yourself a holy zealot in the 41st Millennium if you’re not prepared to get your hands (or in the case of the Repentia, penitent eviscerators) dirty!

Now that’s what I call faithful! Or a little fantaic … anyway, it’s all for the glory of the Emperor 🙂 What I really like is that GW gave us a little inside on how the Sisters Repentia are “born”. If you need further information, I can really recommend the entry in the Warhammer 40k Wiki and reading the great novels of the Black Library!

With that said, let’s take a look at the actual renderings:

Like the other Battle Sisters you’ve seen so far, the Citadel miniatures designers have taken the opportunity to revisit these frenzied warriors – this time as a multipart plastic kit, with all the dynamism and flexibility the medium provides. Now you know what the Sisters Repentia are about, let’s take a look at some of the work-in-progress designs.

That’s how to commit to a charge! Bereft of armour, the Sister’s scalp is shorn and her forehead has been branded. Her mouth is bound shut, likely as a reminder of her punishment. Perhaps she spoke out of turn to one of her superiors or questioned her faith? 

First things first, a multipart kit is great! Even though all the mono-pose and EtB miniatures of GW are great, I’m happy that we will get a lot of variation going for the Sisters of Battle. Battle Sisters will at least have a lot of head-options and even more “fragile” miniatures like the Repentias can be assambled in different ways.

But talking about my first impressions, I have to admit I was a little disappointed … let’s see what else we get an then sum up.

The Sisters Repentia designs feature some gorgeous details and incredibly dynamic poses, from the defined musculature that aptly demonstrates their physical prowess to the way that each Repentia is throwing her entire weight into the swing of her fearsome weapon. Such is definitely the case in our next example! Here we have a masked Repentia (reminiscent of other faithful seeking Redemption) who is fully committing to a massive swing with her penitent eviscerator – appropriate for a weapon that can split a Chaos Space Marine in half if the strike is true!

In this design, you can clearly see the exposed plug ports that would normally enable a Battle Sister’s muscles to work in tandem with the enhanced fibre bundle network within her power armour. The power armour worn by the Adepta Sororitas (and other agents of the Imperium, such as Inquisitors) doesn’t require the full interface of an Adeptus Astartes black carapace.

These next two examples nicely showcase the variety of poses that can will be achievable from the kit. One has just brought her chainblade down in a murderous chop, while the other’s eviscerator is at the apex of a backswing. Their crudely shaven hair implies that they’ve likely cut it themselves – or possibly even torn it out in clumps.

The scrolls and parchment that adorn the clothing and eviscerators of the Sisters Repentia would likely list the nature of their sins, serving as constant reminders of their penitent obligations. If their cruel fate isn’t reason enough for the other Adepta Sororitas to remain on the straight and narrow at all times, then I don’t know what is! If a Repentia succeeds in redeeming herself and rejoining her Order, she will be greatly revered by her fellow Battle Sisters for finding the strength to overcome her failings.

Alright, that were a lot of impressions and a lot of insights into the new Repentias design. So … as I already mentioned I’m not a big fan of these models. While I could totally understand that you don’t care about that, let me explain anyway ^^

First problem, I already didn’t like the old metal Repentias. If you forgot or don’t know how they look like, here they are:

Stupid heads, silly shoes and some of them in strange poses. Also, there were only 3 variations of Repentia, but that was common back in the days, so I can live with that. But the outfits in general were really … “special”.

Now let’s compare that to the new Repentias coming our way:

  • I think most heads still look really strange, especially those with hats/caps whatever
  • The shoes are still silly, propably worse than before. They are even smaller and in my opinion just don’t fit a model of that statue and these kind of details. Redemption or not, it plainly looks wrong to me. (Like … a Knight wearing Crocs … it’s really hard to describe)

It might me be unfair, but this really ruins the whole models for me. “Only” 2 details, but those make a big part of the overall impression and I’m pretty sure I will keep on using third-party products.

But there are also positive things to mention:

  • The Penitent Eviscerators look awesome
  • The poses are quite dynamic and bring a lot of variation
  • The plug ports are a great detail!
  • The Sisters have shirts now and that really is the right decision …

Overall, the miniatures are perfectly sculptured as always, but I really don’t like two of the design decisions and therefor might not buy any of those new Repentias.

It that my personal problem? Yes – But what about you? Do you share my thoughts, or do you totally disagree? Let me know in the comments! And may the Emperor protect you.

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  1. I for one welcome our sadomasochist-sisters-in-crocs overlords.

    I’m sure with the right painting they’ll look nice. Some heads look off tho, I’ll give you that.


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