In the green corner: A Warboss !

What a blasphemy this is, but I simply couldn’t stand this small, meaningless Warboss in my wife’s army anymore. It’s this guy I’m talking about …


Barely as big as a Nob and all together not the guy to frighten your enemies, right?

Luckily I found an old (metal!) Dreadnought, unused Killa Kan weapons and a lot of other orky bits šŸ™‚


Anyway, next up should be some impressions on the great Davidians from Raging Heroes, which I currently ordered – with some nice savings.

Really looking forward to test their quality – until then, may the Emperor be with you!

2 thoughts on “In the green corner: A Warboss !

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  1. That looks wicked! Any change you can get better pictures? Seems a shame not to show it off in more detail.


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