Seraphim and a first Repentia

It took me months to finally paint my converted Seraphim, but I did it at last. It was definitely worth it and I get much closer to a fully painted army. Although I just received a new unit of 10 Repentia Sisters, which have to follow … a couple of month from now >.<

The fact, that I already painted one of them and which took me quite a while, is not making things better. Then again, I love the results.


I built my Seraphim the same way I converted my Battle Sisters. Valkyr bodies, Statuesque heads, a lot of GW bits and finally the jumppacks from Puppetswar.

Repentia Sisters

In addition to the Seraphim and already mentioned in another post, I ordered 10 Davidians from Raging Heroes and painted the first of them.

I will get into the details another time and give some feedback on the miniatures quality, but for now, I’m just happy with what I painted.

Let me know what you think. Have you also tried Raging Heroes miniatures yet or did you convert Seraphim on your own?

May the Emperor be with you.

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