First Sisters of Battle Rules Preview

Hello everyone! Time for new updates on the upcoming Sisters of Battle. The Blood and Glory Studio Preview lies behind us and Games Workshop showed us a first glimpse of the new Chapter Approved 2018 Beta Rules.

In good tradition, we get to see a first Order Tactic and a Stratagem, let’s take a look:


The first Order Tactic to be revealed, is Quick to Anger for the Order of the Bloody Rose. Fitting the ferocious kind of Saint Mina, who was known as a dark and brooding sister, quick to anger and deadly in combat.

The Sisters of Battle are not really known for their strength in close combat, but a strength upgrade from 3 to 4 makes a big deal, often enough changing the wound rolls in our favour. It also allows for different weapon options than power mauls, making swords and axes more valuable. Combined with the additional attack, the Sisters get even deadlier.

All in all a really interesting tactic and not so far from my own ideas 🙂 (even better!)


The first Stratagem is available for all Orders, its Burning Descent. It allows a kind of additional Shooting phase for a Seraphim Squad, just entering the battle with Sky Strike and even extending the range of their potential hand flamers!

Of course this is necessary due to the limitation of descending at least 9″ away from enemy units. But anyway, it allows shooting twice and that is definitely a valuable option.

Only downside is that this stratagem does not work well with inferno pistols, which I currently prefer, but we’ll have to judge when we know all the rules.

Beside the rules, there was also a very nice retro-style video shown, including some Sisters of Battle miniatures. Unfortunately, showing only old miniatues …

Anyway, there are two really interesting hints in the video.

  1. We get to see Canoness Veridyan in all her glory. Might that be a hint to finally giving us some neat rules for her?
  2. There is a Penitent Engine, which might indicate that the Adeptus Ministorum will indeed be part of the Sisters of Battle Codex.

In addition to that, we see a squad of Battle Sisters, but as far as I can see, all the models are from the old metal range.

All in all, these small previews give us a nice impression of what to expect in the future – end of 2018 and once again fuel my hype.

May the Emperor be with you!

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