Sisters of Battle – 8th Edition Houserules

Welcome to a collection of House Rules for the Adepta Sororitas of the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40k. Here you find  special rules for Order Tactics, Stratagems, Warlord Traits and Relics, to field your Sister of Battle army, while desperately waiting for a new codex in 2019, or at least some more Chapter Approved rules at the end of the 2018.

These rules will be updated from time to time and I’m always happy about feedback and new ideas.

  • 24.02.2018 – New Units | The Maiden of Vengeance
  • 26.02.2018 – New Units | Crusader, Death Cult Assassins, Arco-Flagellants
  • 26.02.2018 – New Units | Chevaliers

Order Tactics

Listed below, you will find Order Tactics for all 6 Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. Of course you can also choose one of there tactics for your own Order Minoris.

tacticsAngerSaint tacticsGrimResolve tacticsUnstoppablePashion tacticsStoicism tacticsDevotionAndTrust tacticsSerenityCombat

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Warlord Traits

If an ADEPTA SORORITAS CHARACTER is your Warlord, you can choose to give them one of the following Warlord Traits. You can either roll on the table
below to randomly generate aWarlord Trait, or you can select the one that best suits his preferred style of waging war.

1 – Inspiring Orator

Those who hear this Warlord’s stirring words are inspired to great feats of bravery.

You can re-roll failed Morale tests for friendly ADEPTA SORORITAS units within 6″ of this Warlord.

2 – Daughter of the Emperor

The most devoted Sisters of Battle are protected by the Emperors hand.

Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls that target your Warlord.

3 – Death can not stop us

Those who truely believe will not falter.

Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of your Warlord. In addition, roll a dice each time yourWarlord loses a wound. On a roll of 6, yourWarlord shrugs off the damage and does not lose the wound.

4 – Voice of a Preacher

Even through the tides of battle, their voices ring out loud and clear.

Add 3″ to the range of any abilities on yourWarlord’s datasheet (such as Lead the Righteous).

5 – Bleesing of Tranquility

Guided by her believe, even the most fiercest battle will not daunt this warlord.

Your Warlord never suffers any penalties to their hit rolls (although they still only hit on rolls of 6 when firing Overwatch).

6 – Selfless Intervention

Life is only a small price in the service of the Emperor.

Your Warlord can perform a Heroic Intervention if he is within 6″ of an enemy unit instead of only 3″, and if he does so he can move up to 6″ rather than 3″.

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If your army is Battle-forged and includes any ADEPTA SORORITAS Detachments (excluding Auxiliary Support Detachments), you have access to the following Stratagems.

Order-specific Stratagems







Genral Stratagems





















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If your army is led by an ADEPTA SORORITAS Warlord, then you may give one of the the following Relics to an ADEPTA SORORITAS CHARACTER in your army.


This blessed power sword is the very blade carried by Alicia Dominica – the founding  saint of the Adepta Sororitas – and was famously used to cut the head from the arch-traitor Goge Vandire and bring an end to the Reign of Blood. St. Dominica wielded this blade in the decades following the Ecclesiarchy’s reformation, and a thousand more false prophets were slain by its razor edge before Alicia’s eventual martyrdom.

Model with a power sword only. The Blade of Admonition replaces the bearer’s power sword and has the following profile:

Range: Melee | Type: Melee | S: +2 | AP: -3 | D: 3
Ability: –


This great tome contains the complete writings of St. Lucius of Agathea, the first  Archconfessor, a priest who was justly known for his unbending zeal. Such was the  Archconfessor’s devotion that his book was penned not in ink, but with his own blood. Even now, centuries after St. Lucius’ death, it is believed that a fraction of his essence still pervades its pages, and one who holds the book speaks with all his holy authority. In dire times, certain passages can be read aloud from the book during a battle, the words banishing mortal fears in an instant and inspiring the warriors of the Ecclesiarchy to great acts of heroism.

All units within 9″ of the bearer automatically pass any Moral tests they are required to take.


Hand-crafted by one hundred and seventeen deaf-and-blind artificers within the shrine of the Nameless Saint, the bolt pistol known as Castigator is renowned for its absolute lethality. No armour can protect against the vengeance it brings, no matter how thick or powerful. No force field can turn its shots aside, no warding magics or unnatural powers can stay its wrath. Those caught within Castigator’s crosshairs are doomed from the moment the trigger is pulled.

Model with a bolt pistol only. The Castigator replaces the bearer’s bolt pistol and has the following profile:

Range: 12″| Type: Pistol 1 | S: 4 | AP: -1 | D: D3
Ability: A target hit by the Castigator may not use any invulnerable save to prevent the damage. This weapon may also target a CHARACTER even if it is not the closest enemy unit.


The Chant of the Saints are written in holy and well-kept books and are very complex, religious litanies, only known by the oldest and most faithful Sisters of the Ecclesiarchy. It is said that the words reach the deceased sisters that rest at the emperors side, calling them to battle a last time, changing the tides of war. Carried across the battlefields by voice-amplifiers and strengthened by the faithful minds of the Sororitas, a chanting Battle Sister is truely a breathtaking sight.

Once per battle, at the start of your turn, the CHARACTER with a book of the Chants, may decide to not take any action in this round and refresh an earlier spent Command Point.


Canoness St. Aspira of the Order of the Bloody Rose led her Battle Sisters in a War of Faith that liberated nearly one hundred worlds from the grip of the blasphemous tyrant Denescura. At the inception of the war, Aspira was presented with a magnificent cloak blessed in the Ecclesiarchal Palaces of Terra. Whilst this in itself marked the cloak as a treasured relic, small shards of the Emperor’s own armour were woven into it to ward away the blows of the enemy, elevating it to a sacred garment of incomparable spiritual significance. St. Aspira wore the cloak throughout the War of Faith, striding into the fray heedless of her own safety, secure in her unwavering knowledge that the Emperor protects.

The wearer of the Cloak of St. Aspira re-rolls all failed armour saving throws and Shield of Faith invulnerable saving throws.


A famed Daemon hunter and bane of the unnatural, Inquisitor Lord Gastor Desvalle led countless crusades into Chaos-corrupted war zones, and banished many monstrous entities. So successful was he that the Inquisitor made a great deal of enemies beyond the veil, and was compelled to requisition a singularly powerful personal force field to protect him from Warp-spawned attackers. Known as the Holy Circle, this blessed device not only sheathes its wearer in a nigh-impenetrable force field, but also projects a holy aura that drives back unnatural entities and prevents them from manifesting.

The bearer of Desvalle’s Holy Circle has a 4+ Shield of Faith save. Furthermore, enemy units cannot arrive via Deep Strike anywhere within 12″ of the bearer.


The Light of the Blessed is a richly ornated lantern, manufactured on Terra and blessed by Sebastian Thor himself. It is a beacon of faith on the darkest battlegrounds and those who truly believe and are touched by the holy light, are fulfilled with the wish to serve the emperor no matter what lies ahead. It is a rageous fire, lit in the hearts of the faithful, pushing them to the limits, knowing that they are blessed and protected, be it in life or death.

You can re-roll Advance, Charge and Moral tests for friendly units that are within 6″ of the bearer.


When Sebastian Thor was declared Ecclesiarch in the wake of the Age of Apostasy, his first sermon was transcribed onto scrolls by an army of scribes and a copy distributed to each cardinal world in the Imperium. Today, only a single original copy remains, kept in a stasis vault beneath the Convent Prioris on Terra and released only with the sanction of the Ecclesiarch himself. This unassuming parchment is one of the holiest relics in the Ministorum’s charge, its mere presence enough to fill the hearts of the faithful withrighteous fervour.

If a CHARACTER wears the Litanies of Faith, you may once per turn re-roll one failed test to perform an Act of Faith.


The Mace of Valaan is an ornate weapon surrounded by a halo of glowing energy that is doom to the worshipers of Chaos and anathema to the foul denizens of the Warp. It was famously recovered by the Ecclesiarchy’s Arch-Confessor, Redemptor Kyrinov, at the onset of his battles against the Demagogue Lord during the purge of Valaan. Since then, it has consigned a thousand heretics to oblivion, pulping skulls and shattering bodies with every crushing strike. It is now synonymous with the office of Arch-Confessor, and a priest who wields it is said to smite with all the fury and unbending zeal of Kyrinov himself.

Model with a power maul only. The Mace of Valaan replaces the bearer’s power maul and has the following profile:

Range: Melee | Type: Melee | S: +2 | AP: -2 | D: 1
Ability: Each time the bearer fights, it can make 1 additional attack with this weapon.


Each of the six great Orders Militant possesses a single ancient battle banner passed down through the generations from the time when their Order was first created. It is said that several strands of hair taken from each of the Order’s founding saints are woven into these sacred banners, and as such their divine provenance is beyond doubt. Each banner represents the heritage and history of their respective Orders and the honour of carrying one is granted only to the most faithful and accomplished members of the Sisterhood. They are proudly borne to war, and the Battle Sisters who fight beneath their shadow are inspired to greater feats of glory, redoubling their efforts and refusing to retreat.

All   units within 6″ of the bearer have +1 Attack.


Drill-Abbott Bartolph the Blessed became known as the Anti-martyr of Mylok II after  surviving a string of inconceivably deadly battles without a scratch. His burial shroud was exhumed after the destruction of his shrine by Chaos Renegades, and was found – to the wonder of all – to retain the same blessings that Bartolph did in life. It is now worn into battle as a cloak, its bearer wrapping themselves in the protective aegis of the  Antimartyr to withstand the gravest hurts.

The bearer of the Shroud of the Anti-martyr gets the Sacred Intervention ability:

Once per game, if the bearer loses her last wound, roll a D6. On a roll of 2+ she is
not removed, but is instead resurrected with 1 wound restored; set up the model anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ from any enemy models. On a roll of 1 the bearer dies anyway; remove the bearer as having been slain for the purposes of
any mission rules or victory conditions.


A famed Abbess of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, Petronella the Pious was renowned for the miracles that occurred in her presence. Though the humble warrior never claimed to possess any unusual powers of worth, it seemed that the eye of the Emperor was ever upon her. Foes were consumed by holy fire, while friends were spared from death by miraculous twists of good fortune. After her courageous martyrdom on Xyphol V, Petronella’s skull was fashioned into a sacred totem, to which her blessings still cling.

The bearer of the Skull of Petronella may throw 2 dices, when trying to deny a psychic power with her Shield of Faith ability and re-roll a failed denial test once per battle.

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New Units

(HQ) Saint Nora de Brühl

Models per army: 1 – Points per Model (including wargear): 170

(HQ) Legatine

Points per model: 90 (Does not include wargear)

(Elite) Flamewing Seraphim

Models per Unit: 5-10              Points per Model: 13

(Heavy Support) Maiden of Vengeance

Datasheet of the Maiden of Vengeance.
Points per model: 115 (Does not include wargear)

(Elite) Crusaders

Datasheet of the Ministorum Crusaders
Models per Unit: 2-10 | Points per Model: 12 | Points for Stormflail: 17
(Elite) Death Cult Assassins

New datasheet for Death Cult Assassins
Models per Unit: 2-10 | Points per Model: 17 | Points for Poison Blades: 2 per model | Points for Needle pistols: 2 per model

(Elite) Arco-Flagellants

New Data-Sheet for the Arco-Flagellants
Models per Unit: 3-9 | Points per Model: 19

(Fast Attack) Chevaliers

Models per Unit: 3-5 Points per Model: 21

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Hope you like these rules and if you have some comments or own ideas, let me know!

May the Emperor be with you.

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