Imperial Sororitas Knight – Painting the body (Part III)

Time for an update on my Sororitas Knight I guess! I could finally finish the most part of the Knights body. Meaning, there are still some inscriptions missing on the seals and I couldn’t paint the Carapace weapons yet. (Or the additional weapons for the left arm) The banner between the legs will be glued after painting the base.

The fully assembled and mostly painted Sororitas Knight.
The Sororitas Knight ready to march.

Anyway, beside these smaller parts, there’s really just the base missing. A lot to do so, but an end is in sight. And I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to that. I love painting this awesome model, but beside the fact that I just don’t have enough time currently, I have literally no time for any other model. And that bothers me quite a lot.

But right after the Knight, I will prepare all models for Project: Purgatory and let’s see what comes next.

Here are some more impressions and hopefully I can organize a “real” camera for some better photos when everything is done.

Sororitas Knight from the left with Avenger Gatling Cannon.
Please check the terms and conditions … and accept with your blood.
Sororitas from the right, with Thermal Cannon
There’s always a spot for some skeletons!
Close view of the Knights front with Cherub
Fly little Cherub



And that’s it for now. Hope you like the progression and may the Emperor protect you!

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