The Grots are coming!

Yes, you heard right – the Grots are coming! And they’re coming … well, small. That’s what they are, small. But they are also cunning, devious and absolutely cute!

So what exectely am I talking about? Well, let’s call it a side-project. Since my wife plays Orks in 40k and Kill Team and loves Grots / Gretchins even more, I decided to make a whole Codex: Grots for her. With their own “Kulturs”, a whole bunch of new Grot Units, names Characters and a lot of funny special rules.

I’m happy to say, that I made some big progress the last days and weeks and can finally share a peak for all those, who are interessted 🙂 Unfortunately, I can only offer power levels yet, but point values will most likely follow!

I am Grot! (A Warhammer 40k Grot Army Codex)

A source of inspiration

I have to admit, my wife was not my only inspiration, but some time ago, I fell in love with the goblin model range of Kromlech / Bits of War. They have so many awsome models, that I just had to get them into 40k, and one pice got to the other.


And not only that, since the early days I also had a place in my heart for Warhammer Fantasy Goblins and I will definitely get some conversions going with their great models for Moonclan Grots!


And last but not least, some actual models from Games Workshop! 😀 Even though the amount of Grots is HORRIFIYINGLY low…


Anyway, if you have a faible for Grots too, or you’re just curious, risk a peak at my new project and let me know about your thoughts. Either way, don’t worry. I’ll concentrate on Sisters again on this site.

May the Green Rebels be with you!

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