New Sisters of Battle – Height comparison

Greetings! Today we’ll dive into some totally vague analysis of the possible size of the new upcoming Sisters of Battle models. And the result … might not surprise you.

Find the latest informations on the new Sisters of Battle – Codex and Miniatures – right here! 

First of all, I’m aware that all we have right now, is a 3D render-model of only one, special Sister of Battle. This means, that base-sizes for example, are not necessarily correct and this model might not even reflect the regular Battle Sisters.

Anyway, what fun would speculations be, if we already knew all the details. 🙂

The only reason I’m writing this, is that I was reviewing the render-pictures and asked myself, if we can get any more informations out of them. Perhaps its also the lately debate on if or if not the Sisters are getting some sort of Primaris version that led to this idea.

(If you’re not aware of this discussion, here is a nice post from the guys of Spikey Bits)

For the comparison I would assume, that the new sisters – or at least the render one – will come on 32mm round bases, as it is the way to go lately. (See the Sisters of Silence for example)

If we than take the current models of GW, like the Space Marines, Sisters of Silence, or especially Inquisitor Greyfax, we can easily equalize the width of the bases and have a first look at the measures.

NOTE: The base of the render model has not the same dimensions as the actual 32mm bases. I had the choice to either take the height or width as a reference and went with the width. It would make more sense for the render models, to have the right width. The height would not make any difference later on. But I could be totally wrong at that one.

Taking the feet as a starting point for comparison, here is what it would look like:

Size comparison of the new Sisters of Battle
Size comparison of the new Sisters of Battle

The Battle Sister is falling in line with the Sister of Silence and Inquisitor Greyfax, which makes totally sense. At the same time, we can see how small the original Space Marines are!

The Primaris on the other hand, really give the impression they should. Also, am I the only one who thinks that Sisters of Silence are just too slim?


Size comparison of a Battle Sister and Inquisitor Greyfax.
Size comparison of a Battle Sister and Inquisitor Greyfax.

I also realized, how close the Battle Sister and Inquisitor Greyfax really are, due to design and size. Just like the crossbow-bolter, that seems to be a future option of the new Adeptus Sororitas, they share a lot of details.

So here’s the perfect opportunity to confirm our speculations. I drew some lines and compared the ankles, the knees, hips, Corsets and their breasts and voilà, it all fits perfectly.

Well, with 2 exceptions: Greyfax has some pretty strange feet and a worse posture than our Sister here 😀

So … what do we do with this informations? Not much I would assume. But at least we talked about it!

And here some sort of bonus. I was playing around with the new heads and helmets a bit.

May the Emperor be with you 😉

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