Codex | Maiden of Vengeance (New Heavy Support)

Time for a new unit to spice up your army list! And this time it gets heavy. I’d like to introduce to you: The Maiden of Vengeance.

The Maiden is best compared to the Nemesis Dreadknight of the Grey Knights, but with a lot of Sororitas flavour to it. The Maiden is designed for close combat, but comes with some additional short-range options like an Immolation Flamer! And where she lacks the ability to manifest psychic powers, she buffs her sisters with a nice aura, similar to the Mistress of Repentance.

Oh, and did I mention, she has the Acts of Faith ability, giving her the potential of bringing terrible destruction to her enemies.

Datasheet of the Maiden of Vengeance.
Points per model: 115 (Does not include wargear)

Of course, these are fully House Rules and I can’t guarantee for a perfect balancing.

I havn’t build a real model yet, but I’m already planning it. Most likely it will be based on an Armiger Warglaive with arms and weapons from a Dreadknight, but this will also depend on which bits I can get my hands on 😉

Hope you like this unit and perhaps you try it out on your own. If so, please let me know about your own experiences with it!

May the Emperor be with you.

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