Adepticon ’19 is coming – Where my Sisters at ?!

Hello everyone. Been a while since I last published anything, but with Adepticon around the corner and hope for at least another 3D-Rendered preview of Sisters goodness, I decided to get back to business and catch up a little on what we know so far about the new Adepta Sororitas.

The Models

Most important for many of you guys, including me, is the new model range to come. Fingers crossed, it will not only include existing units remodeled, but also a couple of new ones to be introduced – but we already knew, that the Beta codex would not include new units for there are no models yet, and so we can’t say anything about that.

Anyway, we got a lot of teasers throughout the last months and here they are once more in all their glory:

A new Sister is born

The first preview of the new Sisters of Battle line was presented at Warhammer Fest 2018 and still, looking at it keeps my fantasy going – if you know what I mean ôo


Quite some time later, we saw the first impression of an Imagifier, now part of the normal squads. And eventhough we could clearly see the difference in detail between a special model like the sister above and this one, the miniature still manages to carry the style and the authority a Sister of Battle deserves.

For the holy Trinity

Next came the weapons and by the Emperor, who’s not willing to slay the unbeliever and burn the heretic with such magnificant weaponry? Eventhough there are only few nuances to the normal Space Marine wargear, it is enough to give it this special touch.

But the real question is: Will it keep up to its promise as a real model? And will the “normal” Battle Sisters have access to such detailed wargear, or only character models?

The heavy armoured Nuns

Wielding mighty weapons is one thing, but keeping you save while doing it, another. So we were also shown some really impressive parts of the Sisters new armour. And eventhough the torsos seem to be limited to Character models, it really sets the stage for the average power armour and it looks promising.

Again, I’m really looking forward to see some actual miniature pics to see if details like the prayer chains are actually looking that fantastic.

Part of the bigger picture

Last but not least, Game Workshop gave us some impressions on all the details that go side by side with the actual miniatures. Flying Loud-Hailers, Doves with purity seals and beautiful scenery bases.

All in all, the new range of Sisters seems to be really well designed and follow a nice, highly detailed design pilosohpy and I’m really hoping for new details at Adepticon.

The Rules

Talking about new models is nice, but every army needs its rules and so Games Workshop decided to publish a nice Beta Codex for all the Sister players out there, to participate in playtesting and eventually help forging the new Codex to come.

The Beta Codex brought us mostly a heavily changed Act of Faith system which led to a huge outcry throughout the community. Some people deemed it ok, others disliked it, many even hated it to the bone.

And while I saw some chances to improve this system, I can easily feel with all the people disliking it. It lost its unique identity and feel and was really not that a big impact in the game anymore. I will not dive into it at this point, but GW really took their word on the Beta Codex being exactely this and are aware of the problems, taking another approach on the rules, as stated in on of their nice Battle Sister Bulletins! Definitely worth a look.

That way, they also addressed two other, eventhough minor problems with the current Beta Codex. Celestians still feel totally underpowered and “worthless” and the Excorcist Missle Launcher. I just like the fact, that they (at least they tell us) really build up on our feedback, even if it is about minor problems. Let’s see what will come.

And honestly, I simply love the Celestians story-wise and so I really hope for both great models and rules that represent their awesomeness.

The Fluff

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the things that exceed models and rules.

The first Battle Sister Bulletin gave us a nice insight on how the iconography of the Sisters was build up and it cleary found its way to the rendered models. I really appreciated this, since I also LOVE concept art and art books of all kind and hope so much for a good collectors edition codex in the future …

Beside that, we also got some new insights on the Adepta Sororitas activity in the actions around Vigilus. With only the first book released yet and only a couple of spoilers from the second one, it is hard to say if the Sisters will play any bigger role in the events on Vigilus, but so far it doesn’t seem like.


Sure, there are several Orders involved in the battle, but it’s pretty clear that Vigilus was and especially will be concentrating on Chaos and Primaris. (I can’t belive I’m saying this, but damn, is this new Abbadon looking great! – And how much I like the fact that he will  … well, that would be a spoiler 🙂 If you’re interested, the great people from can help.)


People assume, that the narritive might now be changing towards Baal and the heroic Blood Angels. The most noble sons of the emperor, only excelled in their glory by the Sisters of Battle. (Did I mention that I love the Blood Angels?)

I can hardly see more participation of the Sororitas in such a setting, but only time will tell. Unfortunately, quite some additional time will pass until we see the new Sisters unfold, but until then, let’s keep are prayers to the God-Emperor strong, for we all know that the Sisters will eventually come forth and shine bright in the Emperor light!

And that’s where we are in the foreshadow of Adepticon 2019. Let’s cross our fingers that more bits will be revealed and stay tuned!


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