Legatine and Sororitas Knight – Updates

A week has past since I last shared some updates on my Sororitas Knight, and eventhough I’m far from finished, I wanted to give some new impressions. Luckily, there is another model I can also share with you guys, my converted Legatine!


For those who don’t know the Legatine, it is a pretty high rank in the Adeptus Sororitas and due to the lack of HQ Choices, I decided to bring my own rules for her. All that was missing, was a real model, and here it is πŸ™‚

The Legatine, preaching in the midst of battle
The Legatine, preaching in the midst of battle


Sororitas Knight – Update

All I could finish in the last week, were the metal parts on the Knights body and the main colours for the armour plates, but I’m still happy with it. Next up are the golden borders of the armour and of course a ton of details. Not to mention the amount of scrolls, books and seals πŸ™‚

First impressions of the Sororitas Knight with main colours for the armour plating
The first impression of the main colours

Hope I can give you more updates in a shorter time, but can’t promise anything.

May the Emperor protect you!

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