Codex | Saint Nora de Brühl (New HQ)

Time for some new rules and teasers on my current project – Saint Nora de Brühl, eponym of my Sisters of Battle Order and living Saint of the Imperium of Men.

First up, here are her rules:

Saint Nora   –   Models per Unit: 1   –   Points per Model (including wargear): 170

Saint Nora is a true beacon of light on the battlefield and both a terrible foe in close combat and an inspiration for all sisters around her. She might not be as sturdy as Clestine and lack the option of 2 Geminaes, but she is cheaper and comes with some pretty crazy auras.

Sacred Ground can hit really hard when positioned right and Beacon in the dark does really power up her sisters. Not taking Morale tests can make a hugh impact.

In the midst of battle, at the brink of destruction, a light appeared in the darkness of this world. An Angel descending from the sky, a fiery hammer in her hand. It was that very moment that we knew, the Emperor is with us, for he sent us his blessed servent. And on the sacred ground around her, we walked to war and victory and cleansed this world from darkness.

– Survivor of the Battle for Arios Prime

Conversion of a Saint

Here are some first impressions on my self-made saint. The Valkir-body is the same as for the rest of my sisters and the wings are just modified jump packs from, which I also use on my Seraphim. Also, I used my old sprues to create the parchments holding the model up in the air. I have to admit, they are not perfect. Too thick and too long, but it was my first attempt and I still love it.

Unfortunately, I just don’t find enough time for painting currently and so I’m just half way done. I will post the painted miniature as soon as possible.


Let me know what you think and I really appreciate comments on tested house-rules 🙂

May the Emperor be with you!

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