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Every army needs a leader and when there is no Saint around, there’s only one true choice for the Sisters of Battle, the Canoness (with the Blade of Admonition). To keep everything in plastic, I used the same body as for my other Plastic Sisters, but this time I added a lot of bits from miniatures I kept around for quite a long time. Grey Knights, an Inquisitor and even a Chaos Space Marine Backpack :-O Also this was a first chance to add some of my self-made parchments from old sprues. And it worked out pretty well.

So let’s take a look at the unpainted truth:

A lady, waiting for her makeup.

As you can see, the model itself still perfectly fits into the army, due to the characteristic style of the Eisenkern Valkir models, but the bigger backpack and the shoulderpad of a Grey Knight Space Marine, give her a more dominant look.

And of course there is the two-headed eagle, a left-over of Inquisitor Coteaz, which I used years ago for another conversion. All rounded up by seals, books and the typical armour plating.

Well, and some stones obviously, which let the Canoness stand out a little more.


I hope you liked this little insight and perhaps you got some nice inspirations for yourself. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

And now, may the Emperor be with you!

The Sisters of Saint Nora with their new leader.

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