It’s on the Clock ? – Plastic Sisters of Battle??

A real hint, or just some sadistic joke of Games Workshop? A newly released video in the Warhammer Community is reason for some speculations at least. But see for your self:

As you might have noticed, one of the three clocks is labeled “Plastic Sisters of Battle” and there are only a couple of minutes left to 12 o’clock … which literally means nothing, but COULD be a hint, that there is a new product line arriving soon.

I let it up to you, if this gets you excited or frustrated, but adding up all the rumours throughout the last months, including the Living Saint Patrol Detachment and lots of talking in GW-Stores, it gets more and more realistic, that at least something is waiting for us this year.

it might be the year of the Xenos, but it all started with Deamons and Custodes, perhaps it ends with new Adepta Sororitas? What do you think?

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