State of the Army – First Battle Sister Squad

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share some impressions on my first complete Battle Sister Squad. It’s only five Sisters now, but with the Statuesque heads arriving late, it took me some time to paint everything. That’s why you saw some painted sister with helmets already, but non without.

All these models are based on my Conversions for Plastic Battle Sister. The photos are only made with a smartphone and not yet optimized with Photoshop.

The squad contains 2 Stormbolters and a Superior with Stormbolter and Power Sword (I know, Power Mauls are the way to go, but I had non and got impatient >.<)




Out on patrol …
Squad ready for battle, the next Sisters already waiting.

And that’s it for now. 10 more models to go and I can finish my first 4 squads! 2x Battle Sisters and 2x Dominions.

May the emperor be with you.

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