Blackstone Fortress: Ministorum rules spotted

A quick update on the Ministorum article I wrote the other day. We finally got the rules for both Taddeus the Purifier and Pious Vorne. Let’s check if we see any differences to the index, that might or might not hint to Chapter Approved 2018.

Taddeus the Purifier

The Datesheet for Taddeus the Purifier in 8th Edition of Warhammer 40.000
Datesheet for Taddeus the Purifier

If we compare these stats and abilities to a typical Ministorum Priest from Index Imperium 2, we hardly see any differences. The only addition to Taddeus is the new Servo-Stubber, which is at least a nice addition for close range combat.

The rules of Zealot, Rosarius and War Hymns also stayed the same.

But we have a change in Keywords. The ASTRA MILITARUM will no longer be able to include Ministorum Priests to their detachments and they will no longer benefit from War Hymns. I don’t think that was ever a thing, but anyway, it might be gone with Chapter Approved 2018?

Pious Vorne

The Datesheet for Pious Vorne in 8th Edition of Warhammer 40.000
Datesheet for Pious Vorne

This one is more interessting, since we see a completely new type of unit – the Missionary Zealot. While Pious Vorne is a named Character and can only be included once in your army, he has the MISSIONARY ZEALOT keyword in his datasheet and the title also indicates, that there could be more to it.

Looking back at Taddeus, we also have “Ministorium Priest” stated below the Title. So could Pious just be a prominent character from a new type of unit? Maybe with more wounds than her comrades, since W3 is quite a lot for a “simple” ministorum unit.

The Vindicator seems to be a special and “named” weapon, but perhaps it is just a stronger version of a new weapon type. The combination of flamer and chainsword simply screams of ministorum.

(Oh, and once again, not part of the ASTRA MILITARUM – maybe this is also changed for Crusaders and so on)

What do you think? Will we get more than only Sisters of Battle in Chapter Approved 2018? Will there be a new Missionary Zealot unit coming? And what could it look like in detail?

Happy to hear your thoughts and may the Emperor be with you!

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