Conversions | Plastic Sisters of Battle (Updated March 2018)

Greetings friend! And welcome to the domain of the Sisters of Saint Nora – a fully converted Sisters of Battle army.

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Today we’ll take a look at the very core of every Adeptus Sororitas army, the Battle Sisters. So welcome to the first conversion entry – Plastic Sisters of Battle.

Lean in for my personal approaches and how much money you can save by building your own Sisters, instead of purchasing the original metal-ones.

Plastic Sisters in progress.

Step 1 – The Bodies

To start with our sisters, we need a solid base – the right bodies. Those I found in the Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers of Dreamforge Games. They are well-known to many Sister of Battle Players and shown in a couple of different conversion-tutorials already. So nothing new here, but I still want to tell you why I love these models so much.

  1. They look wonderful. They are very detailed, high-quality plastic, have dynamic poses and are easy to build but still not boring.
  2. They have a lot of building options and a lots of bits to use later on.
  3. They perfectly fit my fantasy of the Adeptus Sororitas by offering tabards, armour plates and an overall knightly style, including 2 great helmet options.
  4. You can use some of the weapons for later conversions like meltaguns and flamers.
  5. They are cheap! You get 20 models + lots of weapon options and bits for roughly 60€. Hard to beat!
The many options of the Eisenstein Valkir Heavy Support Troops

Price per model: ~3,-€

Step 2 – Female Heads

Next we want to show our enemies that they face an all female army. Best way to do so, is adding female heads to our Sisters. Also known well thoughout the community, are the beautiful heads of Statuesque Miniatures in the UK.

A great mix of style and expression.

These heads are admittedly metal, but as the only metal-part for the whole miniature, we can accept that I guess. Anyway, they look fantastic. They differ a lot in their expressions and there are many different sets that will give you even more variety.

They come at a price of £4,75 for 10 heads, becoming cheaper when you buy more at a time. I always purchase 2 pieces per set, making it £4,50 for 10 heads, which is roughly 5,10€.

I’d like to mention, that it might be smart to mix these heads with the Valkir-Helmets. I will always try to use 50% helmets and 50% female heads, simply because it is stupid enough to not wear a helmet in battle and it’s also a little bit cheaper. (And the helmets look great!) Thats why I halve the price per model here.

Price per model: ~0,26€

Step 3 – Weapons, Backbacks and Details

Last but not least, the Sisters need weapons and since I use all the following parts from Games Workshop, I include all of them in this step. The prices are based on my favorite online-bits-shop, but generally you can of course try to trade bits with friends or in your local GW- or hobby stores.


3 types of Death Company boltguns, including both arms.

For most of my weapons, I use the Death Company boltguns and arms from the Blood Angels. Not because I have a lot of them, but they come at a price of around 0,35€ per weapon and include both arms! And by the way a lot of details.

A simple converion for a meltagun – without any extra costs.

You can of course use the arms of the Valkirs, but I like to have even more original GW-parts for the overall look.


Different backpacks, mostly from the Blood Angels again.

You can get a lot of different backpacks – depending on your preferences – for around 0,25€ per piece. Some are very detailed, other more simple, but no matter which style your army shall reflect, there are propably the right backpacks out there.


Seals, Lights and Parchments from a variety of Space Marine Kits.

Last step and round-up for my Sisters are some details in form of seals and similar stuff. I always try to add 1 detail to every miniature, where some are cheaper and some more expensive. But it is fair to say, that I invest around 0,25€ for a detail-bit.

Price per model: ~0,85€

Step 4 – Summing it up

Looking back at the 3 Steps above, we can see that a Plastic Sister comes at around 4,11€ per model, if every other sister wears a hemlet. This is not extremely cheap at all, but a squad of 10 original Sisters of Battle costs 65€ (including some special weapons and a Simulacrum Imperialis of course)

Given the possibility to vary your weapons and equipment for the plastic Sisters (this can be a pain in the a** with metal) and being able to convert meltaguns and flamers easily without exta costs, my conversions are still much more attractive I think – A metal sister with special / heavy weapon starts at 8€.

Now it’s up to you. I hope you got some inspirations and if you want to share your thoughts on these conversions, feel free to comment!

A mix of Battle Sisters
Flame on!
I got your back.



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