New Years Resolution – Legions of the North

New year, new projects, new topics … First of all, a happy new year to all of you! A little late, I know. Anyway, time to start a new chapter.

The problem

As most of you will know, the Sisters of Battle in all their plastic glory, are finally arriving in stores this month. (And for those lucky enough, they already appeared in form of an army box *cheer*) This means a lot of things for this blog though.

  1. No more need for full Battle Sister conversions. We got the models and now it’s time for modifications and mashups, but no more alternative models for me. (Except for Repentias >.<)
  2. We finally got official Kill Team rules. Chapter Approved gave us a ruleset, even though I think they are pretty lame … I will definitely release a 3rd version of houserules sooner or later, including stuff like Miracle Dice and more units.
  3. We now have a full and final codex. Less need for house rules and new units. Anyway, I’m not totally happy with what GW came up with and so I will definitely work on more “inspirations” for me and for you guys.
  4. Less news coverage. It’s only a matter of time until all new sets and boxes are revealed and after that, there will be much less news about Sisters of Battle and therefor much less to talk about on this blog.

All in all there is much less stuff to talk and write about.

The solution

Last year I was about to sell my old Blood Angels army. A pretty rough decision, but I wanted to earn some money for more new Sisters of Battle. So I took some pictures, calculated the original price and so on … long story short, I didn’t sell them and I’m really happy it didn’t happen. I love the sons of Sanguinius and it would have broken my heart to let them finally go.

That led to the decision to focus my army not only on Sisters of Battle, but in the long run on several imperial armies at once. I kept my Angels, I still got my Imperial Knight, I once bought some Custodes and of course I’m upgrading my Sisters (just much slower now). And since I really love the story around the Cicatrix Maledictum, I decided to go with a real background and story for my armies.

My armies will henceforth be known as the Legions of the North and that includes a lot of topics I will write about:

  • New rules and modifications for even more armies
  • Introduction of story-characters, including datasheets
  • News-coverage on more than only Sisters
  • New conversions for a lot of imperial armies
  • Stories and fluff – official and selfmade
  • Some articles about battlefields – Rules and construction

I will start very soon with some new rules for Blood Angels. A named character and 2 new HQ choices! Little hint: It’s about speed 😉


I’m not sure if you will like these topcis, but who knows. First of all, it is a great new project for me and as always, I hope I can give some inspiration!

May the Emperor protect you.

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