Survey: The future of Saint Nora

Hello everyone! Time for some off-topic talk.

With the release of the new Sisters of Battle range coming closer (roughly a week until the army set and 2 or 3 months for even more awesomeness), I was wondering how to continue with this blog.

Saint Nora is far from being popular, but I could reach a lot of people anyway and it is simply a lot of fun to have somthing to work for and towards to. For nearly the last two years, I tried to collect news on the Sisters, give ideas for convertions and even to introduce new rules for both 40k and Kill Team (SoB) – If you could benefit from it is up to you, but is was a lot of fun!

And to be honest, I don’t want to lose that 🙂 So I was asking myself, what other projects would be interessting for the community? And that’s why I wanted to start a survey and ask those questions.

Link to the Survey (removed)

I would really appreciate if you participate and maybe also tell your 40k interessted friends about it, for I could well see a focus on many more factions than the Sororitas to work on.

And of course you can feel free to use the comment section for more feedback 😉

Saint Nora is a pure hobby project without any intend to make money or what, but I enjoy being creative and share my ideas. And getting feedback from you guys is more reward than I could wish for.

So to all of you who like this blog – a big thank you! And hopefully we will walk another street together in the future – just let me know where it should lead 😉

May the Emperor protect you!

3 thoughts on “Survey: The future of Saint Nora

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  1. Are You interested in more competitive part of Adeptus Ministorum. That may be an intresting topic to a lot of players. Besides that gathering visual resources could also be intresting.


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